Group picture

At Yakun, 24 Aug 5pm, picture taken by Lillian Wang

Clement, Royston Tan, Eva Tang, Boo Junfeng, Wee Li lin (jet laggged, but smiley), Victric Thng, Yeo Lee Nah, Han Yew Kwang, Liao Jiekai, Ho Tzu Nyen.

Screenings here and there

Singapore GaGa and Moving House are screening in Tokyo next weekend in a festival of Singapore films organised by Yumi Matsushita and her Japanese friends, all of whom have spent some time in Singapore and want to introduce Singapore to the Japanese. Thank you Yumi and friends, for all the work organising and translating. I wish I could come! Lovely and telling poster too.

Meanwhile as we speak, Invisible City is on tour in Taiwan, its part of a tour of Taiwan International Documentary Festival award winners organised by the Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Here is the schedule. I am this close to chucking it all and going on tour with the films.
2009 / 07 / 31

2009 / 08 / 21

2009 / 09 / 25

2009 / 09 / 26

2009 / 10 / 05

2009 / 10 / 05

2009 / 10 / 09

2009 / 10 / 10

2009 / 10 / 11

2009 / 10 / 14

On the 5 Sep, am screening Singapore GaGa to the NYU Tisch-Asia students, screening follows with a Q&A, will be interesting

I, Polunin

Ivan Polunin Prepares at tuas.jpg

Am looking forward to the documentary, Lost Images, featuring Ivan Poluninís footage of Singapore which he took of 50’s, 60’s Singapore. It is commissioned by okto channel as part of National Day celebrations. Lost City would have been a more appropriate title, the Singapore that he filmed does not exist any more, which is all the more reason to see it. Lost Images features his footage with many of us commenting on it. It is directed by Peter Lamb. For me Polunin represents the last of the swashbuckling colonial explorers and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Invisible City. In the still above taken from his footage, he is packing for a trip off Tuas. In his boat, he packs a few durians!

Details: okto channel, Mon 10 Aug, 9.30 pm

In tandem with this documentary NUS Museum features an exhibition of his photos that opens from 8 Aug-22 Nov. A must see as much for the Singapore it reveals as for the way of seeing. He is now in his 80s, frail, I know he will be happy for both these tributes.

Catch a short interview him here (part of trailer for Invisible City)