St Mary’s School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My mother’s cousin’s son sent us a picture of my mother’s school in KL, St Mary’s School. All my aunts and their cousins went there too. The boys went to Victoria Institution. Though I had heard her talk about the school, I have never seen it. It is a beautiful building, expansive but not unfriendly though the girls look dwarfed by it.

Later she went to university in Melbourne, Australia. Her education there was supported by the whole extended family. When we were growing up, everytime we met a grand aunt/uncle and there were many, my mother would say, so and so “gave this amount every month to put me through school”. She never forgot and didn’t want us to either. At Melbourne University, she met my father and after graduation, moved to Singapore where she spent the rest of her life. I wonder if they considered moving to KL instead?

Would my life be very different if they did?

auntie yin 3_2.jpg

The uniforms circa 1953?


Migrant workers

Johor Baru, Malaysia. A sea of about 1000 or more bikes parked beside the train station in the heart the city. Its the biggest park and ride bike park I have ever seen. These commuters ride their bikes from small towns in Malaysia here at early dawn, take the train or bus into Singapore to work. In the evening, they come back to this park and ride stop, ride back to their hometowns. This picture gives you a scale of the everyday to-ing and fro-ing.


Little India, Singapore. They pose in their best suit to send photos back home. If you peer closely, some have chosen the Singapore skyline as a backdrop, even the Esplanade!


P. Ramlee’s Toilet

While in Penang, Malaysia I visited P Ramlee’s house (where he was born into). It has been built into a little museum. P Ramlee was a gifted actor, director, singer and he was a star in the Golden Age of Malay Cinema. His films from the 50’s/60s are still much loved today. They show it often during Hari Raya in Singapore. Both Singapore and Malaysia claim him as their son, so this building staked its claim in no uncertain terms

The Museum presented P Ramlee rather literally




His kitchen


His leading ladies


His suitcase


His national flower


His toilet


Fly by Night Video Challenge Closing Date 18 Nov

Last year, our theme was “still” which yielded a nice range of videos. What will this year be? Find out on 28 Nov, 7.30pm. Details

Closing date 18 Nov

Choosing a theme is an art, in 2005, we had so many videos with R-rated swear words in it because the theme was “#&$*)”. What was I thinking? I promise I won’t be smart ass this year

Whatever it is, we don’t expect you to tattoo the theme on your chest like what Travis Clements did last year. He filmed the tattoo-ing as part of his submission. We had to gave him an award for that.

Quick sign up! No experience required, No tattoo-ing required too



Asian Vision Award from Taiwan

Invisible City won Asian Vision Award Merit Prize at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival

The Citation


very roughly translates to

“Facilitated dialogues among different historical locales through intellectually rich images, enabling memories to travel between lightness and gravity. This film brings new inspiration and stimulation to the telling of Asian histories as a whole.”

I didn’t even know this film was in competition so its a really nice surprise