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Of the many Q&As that I have given at screenings of Invisible City, it must be more than 12 now, the best questions came from students at Temasek Junior College where Invisible City screened on 20 July. About 500 students watched it.
Do you make films because you have a message you want to spread, or just because you have a passion for film?

You are screening this film at a school, do you really believe that film is the best way to reach young people today?


Invisible City Opens!

The tickets for all the 7.30pm Invisible City screenings are sold out for this week. There are tickets left for the later 9pm screenings. Thank you for your word of mouth support, it has been invaluable. Meanwhile, book your tickets now to avoid disappointment. The Arts House Box office Tel 63326919.


NUS Centre for the Arts World Premiere Q&A 19th July. Pix by ampulets

INVisible city talk at 72-13

I will be giving a making-of Invisible City talk at Theatreworks 72-13 on Thurs, 26 July, 7pm, I will be showing clips of the film including its previous drafts, talking about the shooting and editing process. Its suitable for those who are interested in films that are made in the edit stage rather than at the script stage. Contains spoilers, you should watch the film first : ) Free. Call theatreworks at 67377213 to register

Picture taken at the world premiere by ampulets

Radio Show @ Pu Tien Restaurant

Another Chinese Radio Interview, this time for FM95.8. Slightly different from the usual, I get to pick a restaurant I like to go to, talk about the food and on the side, talk about Invisible City. I chose Pu Tien Restaurant, 127 Kitchener Road, its near my studio, it has good food and I like the easy, yet slightly more formal ambience. The boss Mr Fang from Pu Tien himself welcomed us with an amazing spread. He also plied us with Chinese vodka, at least 50% proof, it was so strong it stunned us into silence. This man knows his food. he describes it as an avid gardener would talk about his blooms, quietly, confidently and with alot of love. Before I left, he asked me to leave a copy of Invisible City with him, he has business contacts in China and can get me distributed there. He says Chinese people are hungry for documentaries.


Wong Lee Jeng interviews Mr Fang. Tune into FM95.8 on Wed, 11.45 18 July to hear about the restaurant

On the trail

On the publicity “campaign” trail last Saturday, I had one of the protagonists Han Tan Juan (???) come along for an interview on the late night Urbanite show. Mr Han is very well known in my parallel universe – amongst those who breathe Chinese. Once he stepped in to the FM100.3 studio, everyone jumped up to greet him. The DJ described him as Singapore’s walking encyclopaedia. Very accurate, he knows millions of Singaporean factoids and has written zillions of Zaobao columns on it. Not only that, he also teaches Chinese History at the Hainan Huay Kuan, all 5000 years of it though in Invisible City, he has a very different story to tell

When the DJ asked him what it was like acting in Invisible City. Mr Han immediately said “I was not acting, everything I said in the documentary is real, it happened to me. I was a witness. I was not acting”. There was a momentary pause at the studio, the DJ stung, apologised for the slip and the show went on as per normal. I myself use “protagonist” but such a description is too clinical, it ascribes him a role to play. He would be offended.

Things they don’t tell you

Invisible City’s press screening takes place tomorrow. This is the screening for press before the documentary opens. I have never read an accurate account of what it really feels like the night before a big screening, so I will tell you. I feel totally vunerable and very fallible. This is the moment where I stand totally exposed before you, unadorned, and I deeply hope I connect with you, the audience, one way or other. If I don’t, ah well, at least I got to visit Snow City. Peace!

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