Hoi Polloi #2

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In the USA recently, I met Lucy. Top five questions for a US post mail lady.

1 You deliver your own mail?
Yes, I live in the area I deliver mail to. In fact, that is why I chose to live here, so I can come home in between mail drops to have a cup of tea or snack, listen to music.

2 What did you do before you emigrated to the USA?
I was a professor in the College of Physical Education in Anhui Province China. If I stayed on, I would be a principal by now.

3 So why did you come to the USA
The usual reasons, for my children.

4 Was it hard to get into the postal service?
Yes, I had to take four exams, including being tested for a good memory. My English is not good but I got in because of timing. I took my exam during 9/11 anthrax mail scare, people were not interested then. Now, even people with masters degrees donít get in

5 Can you give me a ride in your van
Sorry no, its against regulations.

Hoi Polloi #1

insurance for filmmakers

A filmmaker friend asked me whether she should buy insurance for herself as she starts work on a middle budget film that has some overseas shooting. My stand is this: ALL filmmakers (not just directors, but crew members, even interns) MUST buy personal accident insurance for yourselves because of the higher risk of injury that being in this industry entails. I have been in many shoots in Singapore where safety is compromised because of the need to finish fast or where there is not enough personnel to ensure that a job is properly done. Double these risks if you are overseas and in unfamiliar terrain

Don’t depend on the coverage from your company because their insurance is likely to cover their equipment more than it covers you. If you are a freelance crew member, it may not cover you at all.
The genre of insurance to buy is called “personal accident” insurance. You can insure yourself for the scenario where you lose a limb or life caused by accidents. (eg one leg, $50,000, one toe $5,000). The bigger the cover amount, the higher the premium. Some insurance plans cover you for loss of income while you are hospitalised or immobile. Others pay for you to be airlifted back for treatment if you are injured overseas. All for as little as SGD200/year.
Please note that the personal accident insurance does not cover you for hospital expenses. For hospitalisation make sure that you have medishield coverage (or their private permutations like incomeshild or myshield etc). For wall to wall coverage, you should buy the rider too. Hospital bills, especially prolonged stays can wipe your family out.

I googled and came up with some plans: NTUC income, AXA, for personal accident coverage please feel free to add to list

This is a no brainer. Buy it!