The Singapore GaGa DVD is available from Objectifs from 30 Oct onwards. (Tel 63393068, 12A Liang Seah Street, Opp Bugis Junction). Look no further for X’mas Presents (and while you are at it why buy only one?). Separately further down the week, it will be available at Kinokuniya, Earshot, and also from Objectifs’ website for overseas orders. Please tell all your friends, Thank you
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Designed by the glorious folks at mindwasabi. I asked if they could design a website that would encapsulate the spirit of The Fly by Night Video Challenge, an event where anyone could sign up and make a video in one weekend that would be screened for all and sundry the same weekend. An event that was simple, yet challenging and fun at the same time. In this age of over designed sites, their brevity hits the mark. You will notice that all the info you will need is on the front page and there is only one link – used to download an application, so the act of downloading seals the act of participation. This site will be up for a few days before the new one takes over so gawk all you can now.
Oh yes, Yuni Hadi is organising it again this year, November, the fourth edition. Look out for more info over the next few days in this site.

woodcut exhibition extended til 31 oct

This exhibition commemorates the 6-men Woodcut Show held at the old National Library at Stamford Road between 14-18 Oct 1966, which was one of the first major art exhibitions in Singapore after Independence and Singapore’s first woodblock print exhibition. Exhibition is on until 31 Oct and details are available here. Amazing woodcuts and like all great shows, asks more questions than it answers.

unarmed combat VCD out!

This year’s most underrated gem Unarmed Combat which most of you would have missed, is out on VCD. You can buy the VCD from Laser Flair, TS and NTUC. Buy it! Retails at $11.90. Laugh out loud funny.


SURVival guide for aging independents

JON JOST might be considered the epitome of the aging, alienated and aggrieved independent film director. He is sitting in a borrowed New York apartment in hand-me-down clothes, doesnt have a place to live and has no visible means of support, other than a coming arts residency at the University of Nebraska. (NYT 1 Oct) Continue reading