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I am going to Sweden to present Singapore GaGa, Moving House and 80kmh (double projection) at the Goteborg Dance and Theatre Festival, the international performaning arts festival in Sweden. The works are screening on 25 August. I have never been to Sweden and I look forward especially to visiting the Volvo Museum

Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta at 72-13


18 August 2006, Fri, 8pm, 72-13
Screening of Dragons Beget Dragons
Conversation with film maker Ariani Darmawan
Free admission. Call (65) 67377213 to reserve a seat.

It all began at the end of 2001 when Ariani Darmawan, stumbled upon a CD of Music from The Outskirts of Jakarta. It was something she had never heard before, strange and altogether fascinating.

Her curiosity grew deeper as she discovered the history to the music. To this day, Gambang Kromong is known as the only adaptive-culture of the Chinese-Indonesians, or “Tionghoa Peranakan”, as they are popularly referred to, literally meaning Indonesian-bred Chinese. Aside from Darmawan’s own personal interest as a Tionghoa Peranakan herself, she felt obliged to share whatever information she had with the public about the existence of this hybrid-culture, complete with its rich historical background. She poses: How much does one know about one’s culture, and moreover, one’s self?

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Four Singapore films opening now, amazing but true
Passabe, August 17-20, 24-27, today! a documentary about East Timor
High Cost of Living, Picturehouse, 17 August, today!
Smell of Rain, the Arts House, 23 Aug – 2 Sep, love and love lost set in the HDB
Singapore Dreaming, Golden Village, 7 September, originally titled “The 5Cs”

I have not seen any of them but plan to

second link at the Singapore theatre Festival

A performance of 50 Singapore and Malaysian texts some of which I never thought were performable like the Malay Annals or the Diary of Munshih Abdullah. The Singapore texts were chosen by Eleonor Wong and Alvin Pang while the Malaysian texts were chosen by Leow Puay Tin
16-20 Aug, Drama Centre, NLB, Sistic 6348 5555 ($33-$43)

Riding the Nice Bus
Singapore Theatre Festival